Hesters Way is an area on the western side of Cheltenham, which was built largely on farmland to meet the need for housing after World War 2. Hesters Way in the context here refers also to the areas known as Arle, Springbank and Springfields.

The History of Hesters Way is a series of five illustrated booklets, which chart the local history of the area. The books were researched by David Edgar, Margery Hyett and Phillys White of Hesters Way History Group and edited by Chris Green. Copies are all available from Hesters Way Community Resource Centre or Springbank Community Resource Centre.


Volume 1 - £1.50
Volume 2 - £1.50 - OUT OF PRINT
Volume 3 - £2.00
Volume 4 - £3.00
Volume 5 - £2.50

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