Please let us know if you think any of the facts in this book are wrong. Dates should be accurate to within a year either way.

Do you remember your house being built (or demolished)? We need your memories to flesh out the bare facts. Do you remember shopkeepers, church events, changes in industry, school teachers, dealings with the council, community activities and so on?

There is much material already gathered for which there is no room here. If readers are sufficiently inspired, either to ask for more or to produce their own further material, then another volume might be produced. Sponsorship would be welcomed.

Local memories of the period 1914-1951 are becoming rapidly more difficult to track down. Personal memories, of any time and place, add colour to the bare facts. Also, the story of who Hester was, or might have been, does not seem to have appeared in print ever: would anybody like to help remedy this? There is also something to be said for telling all these things in the form of music, poetry, an exhibit or a video. And the maps in this book would make a perfect basis for computer input. Paper is totally inadequate to show the complexity of changes in our area, both ancient and recent. In addition, computers could store copies of aerial photographs, pictures, documents and stories. The modern technology of interactive CD Rom could incorporate photographs, ideally livened up with some costume drama and re-enactments! There is a community project to take history into the future, exploring the unknown in more ways than one.

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