The last few years have seen major changes in the appearance of Hesters Way. Some of the more unattractive blocks of flats in the Shakespeare Road and Goldsmith Road areas and the 'Musicians blocks' to the south of Edinburgh Place have been demolished and replaced by new houses. Cheltenham Borough Council has plans to demolish several more blocks including Canada House, Montreal House and Quebec House, which at the time of writing are being 'decanted', the blocks on Princess Elizabeth Way named after castles, and Sochi Court. Other 1950s built blocks have had major facelifts recently.

Hesters Way has become the construction capital of the county. The massive GCHQ base is rising up from the ground and is now clearly visible amongst the massive cranes. The first phase of the McAlpines' housing development to the west of the site has now begun. Both developments are scheduled to be completed in 2003.

GlosCAT's new college complex is also taking shape at the southern end of PE Way. Alongside this the new police station and the new Barratt Homes housing development are making their mark on the former Monkscroft Senior School site, and have recently been joined by construction work on the new Community Resource Centre. All of these projects will be completed in 2002.

Elsewhere on the estate Eagle Star (Zurich Investments) centre off Hayden Road has just been demolished and will accommodate another large housing development. On the large field between Springbank Road and Hesters Way Road, a new housing development of two, three and four-bedroomed houses by King's Oak Homes is also shortly to begin. Meanwhile, Wimpey Homes' development on the former Hesters Way School field is now complete.

Apart from providing much needed employment to the area, these new projects are certain to increase the whole profile of Hesters Way in years to come, hopefully bringing fresh investment to the area. In a year or two from now, the image that many people have of Hesters Way as a hastily built and run down 1950s estate will no longer be valid. Hesters Way will have moved into the brave new world of the 21st century.

Chris Green 2001


Musicians' blocks South were
demolished in 2000

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